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Why do squirrels in different places have differing coloring ?? Ex. USA EAST - GREY, Canada - black?

In Council Bluffs Iowa they have 3 kinds. Black Grey and red. In Minnesota they have flying squirrels. It is just where they have been introduced into those areas and have thrived. Squirrels can't buy airline or bus tickets to travel so they are where they are unless humans intervene and move them which they do from time to time. That's how the black squirrel got to Iowa.Why do squirrels in different places have differing coloring ?? Ex. USA EAST - GREY, Canada - black?
Because there are different species all over North America, end their areas overlap given you the sense they are just a single species. There are local color patterns in different areas, and changes due to evolutive reasons, giving some individuals advantages over neighbors with a color not so well suited.Why do squirrels in different places have differing coloring ?? Ex. USA EAST - GREY, Canada - black?
There are different species of squirrels. The ones where I live are gray and there are some that are brown.
I grew up in southern ontario and the Eastern grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) has two color phases there, grey and black (same species, just different coat colors). It has a wide distribution in the east of NA.鈥?/a>

The eastern fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) also has a broad distribution in the east.鈥?/a>

It is more brown in color, and at least where I am in Texas is smaller than the grey squirrels in Ontario, but that may just be a latitude difference. I have not seen grey squirrels here, apparently they are more common in east Texas.

In terms of why there is the color polymorphism in the eastern grey squirrel, I have never seen a study that tried to explain it, though I haven't looked carefully (try google scholar). I don't think it causes nonrandom mating (grey with grey, etc) but I may be wrong about that. There may be a selective difference that varies over geographical area.
Evolution! I am not positive that the squirrels in different areas of the country are actually different species, as many species of animals like the ';grey'; squirrel have been misnamed before. Humans have many different hair colors, but we are all the same species. However, you see certain combinations in certain environments as a result of natural selection. Very fair-skinned people in Africa or the Middle East would be susceptible to sunburns and skin cancer, and might even be easier to spot against dark sand and dirt. Therefore, you see fair-skinned Scandinavians, dark-skinned Middle Easterners, and almost black-skinned Africans. The very homogenous look that Asians have is largely due to geographic isolation (ie Japan).

Evolution drives variation different ways. For example, in the eastern US any squirrels that are black might be immediately more noticeable to predators and the black coloration is therefore evolutionarily less favorable. Perhaps the same is true for grey squirrels in Canada. Or, to make things even more compliated, maybe there's genes linked to coat color. Even if grey squirrels are EASIER for predators to spot than black squirrels, they may still dominate an area. Maybe certain immunities are associated with being grey. Let's say grey squirrels are resistant to parasite or disease X, and disease X is present in the eastern US. Grey squirrels will therefore be infected less and could have more grey offspring than black squirrels have black offspring (disease often lowers reproductive output). However, in Canada, this disease may not be present, so the advantages conferred by not being seen by predators outweighs the lack of immunity.

Evolution and genetics is an endlessly fascinating (and complex) subject. To me at least! :)
Many things can influence different coloring in types of squirrels, such as geographic isolation, or the environment in witch they live in. Coloration may also assist in attracting a mate??? I'm no expert, but I know a little bit about them.
Probably has something to do with the color of their surrounding environment. They would evolve different fur colors to blend in.

Are we now using squirrels as spies? Were they grey or red?!?

Press Assoc. - Tuesday, July 17 05:16 am

Iran has claimed that 14 squirrels found near the nation's borders were spies. The state-sponsored news agency IRNA said: ';In recent weeks, intelligence operatives have arrested 14 squirrels within Iran's borders. The squirrels were carrying spy gear of foreign agencies, and were stopped before they could act, thanks to the alertness of our intelligence services.'; Iranian police commander Esmaeil Ahmadi-Moqadam said: ';I heard of this but I have no specific knowledge on the subject.';Are we now using squirrels as spies? Were they grey or red?!?
Anybody remember Secret Squirrel? He was a spy, so it could be true.Are we now using squirrels as spies? Were they grey or red?!?
That's where we got the expession:Let loose the squirrels of war.
I assume that the Iranians confiscated the squirrels Ipods
Anything is possible, why would you be shocked? God Bless.
This seems to be the case. Squirrels are agile, smart and can blend in seemlessly with the Iranian public when wearing their disguises.

Britain has a secret unit of Hedgehog spies, but despite their improved combat effectiveness due their spikes, their use has been under review when it was found they have a weakness for honey mixed with milk.
LOL - that would be cool if we could.
';Squirrels'; is an euphemism!
Just shows you, these Iranians are f*****g nuts !!
sheep and donkeys too, lol
They arrested squirrels?!

there was one in my garden yesterday, are we not safe in our own homes anymore?!
Can squirrels really spy? They are after all animales. Can dogs spy? Can birds spy? Can rabbits spy? I tell you I am going to keep a closer eye on my cats...
Um...%26amp; i guess their job content is different from Moles...who work underground.
What the F*** will the Iranians come up with next, A s s holes. pmsl

Squirrels which one is native to north America black or grey and what about colour perception.?

There are many squirrels native to North America. It depends upon where you live. The eastern grey squirrel can be black as can the red squirrel. Never saw a black fox squirrel though. I did see some black Abert's squirrels that looked as big as a cat to me.鈥?/a>

Squirrels world wide 365 species. which one is native to north America black or grey and what about colour perception.?
Squirrels have various color phases, some populations have a dominance of one color phase, but they are all the same species. The common name is eastern gray squirrel, the scientific name is Sciurus carolinensis, many people drop the eastern part of the common name. They have been native to North America for 37 million years.鈥?/a>

I don't understand what you mean by color perception. You mean the color phases or the animals vision.Squirrels which one is native to north America black or grey and what about colour perception.?
They do perceive color.

Can red squirrels mate with grey ones?

American red squirrels and Eurasian red squirrels (such as those found in the UK) are differerent species to the American eastern grey squirrels, and therefore would certainly not mate naturally and if forced to mate, the offspring would be sterile, if produced at all.

The reds are not dying out in the UK do to direct attacks from the greys; rather they are out-competed for resources and they are very susceptible to a virus carried by the greys called parapoxvirus.

Red squirrels do seem to be stabilising in some areas of the UK now, as deep within forestry evergreen plantations conditions are much less suitable for greys and the reds can remain relatively undisturbed.Can red squirrels mate with grey ones?
No red squirrels like to be wooed with flowers kenny Gee and long romantic walks where grey squirels are more your wham bam thank you mam ,they don't even hang out in the same barsCan red squirrels mate with grey ones?
ye ovbiously its like sayin can a man mate with a different woman with a different hair colour or skin
That's where all the taupe squirrels come from.
same has humans
I don't know for sure, but if they really are separate species, they can try all they want and there will be no viable offspring. Or the offspring will be infertile, like donkey + horse = mule. Mules are infertile.
I doubt it..there would probably be some rivalry between the classes. I saw one today in a field of wild rabbits which had all colours.
No no no no no red squirrels are dying out because grey ones are eating them! need I say more?
No this would only happen in extreme cases as the Red Squirrel(Sciurus vulgaris)and the Grey Squirrel(Sciuris carolinensis) don't like each other.?The grey would only have Murder in mind.!
No, the grey ones kill the red ones.
Why hot the only difference is colour.
I guess so .... it just depends on the dominant gene which colour the babies turn up as .... if they had babies.
yes they can thats why the red squirrel is dying out because the american grey squirrel are doing them to death
they should be able to mate because they are not a different species they are different types of the same animal - their chromosomes should be similar enough to make a healthy embryo.
yes, their chromosomes are of the same #

it's as possible as diff. dog and cat breeds
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  • Are you allowed to kill Grey Squirrels?

    My kids love to watch a Grey Squirrel come into our garden each morning but this morning I was horrified when I opened the bedroom curtains. The neighbour had caught the squirrel in a cage in their garden and now it has gone once their gardener has been, he didn't carry it out with him so I'm assuming he has killed it! Feel horrible.....i could have gone and asked them if I could take it to a park and set it kids loved to watch it climb our tree. Are you allowed to just kill them in the UK?Are you allowed to kill Grey Squirrels?
    Assuming you live in the UK you are allowed to humanely kill grey squirrels. It is actually illegal to release them as they are vermin. (Wildlife %26amp; Countryside Act 1994).Are you allowed to kill Grey Squirrels?
    OK You said that you assumed they killed it.聽聽 It may be that they were trying to catch something else and the squirrel just happened to get caught.聽聽 The gardener could have just let it go.聽聽 The squirrel would have been traumatized, so it probably ran to it's nest for a while.聽聽 Just a thought.聽聽 Keep it on the bright side for your children.聽聽 Either way, you and the kids will see more squirrels.聽聽 You can put out some bird seed to encourage more to come to your yard.聽聽 But the answer to your question is yes, Grey Squirrels can be killed legally.聽聽
    if the gardener knows the law then the squirrel will have met his maker i am afraid-it is illegal to release a squirrel into the wild once caught.

    i work in pest control and i have seen 拢000's worth of damage done to lofts etc due to squirrel activity.

    and for all their cuteness they can be vicious if cornered.

    i am paid to cull them-a job i have no sorrow in carrying out because they are a bloody nuisance.
    yes but if he found food water and shelter in your area then more will be around. let you neighbors know you saw it and that you take issue with it and if it happens again that you would be willing to take it to the park for release. They can be pests for some people's landscapes, your neighbors should plant some squirrel resistant plants, there are lots out there.
    You are allowed to kill them, and if the neighbour had released it, then he would have been breaking the law. They are vermin and it is illegal to release them once caught.
    These nasty rats with furry tails may be (and should be) slaughtered at every opportunity.

    I normally stew them for about three hours, allow to cool and remove all the bones. The remaining meat makes the basis of a tasty stew.
    Im not sure, but either way its cruelty, I say contact the RSPCA and ask for their expert opinions, and if they say it is illegal to kill the squirrels, give them the address and details of your neighbour!
    Grey ones yes, there are getting too many of them and have taken over the Red ones habitats, There Garden rats and they steal nuts off my tree, i say kill the little feckers
    Yes they are classified as vermen, it is nasty and the law needs to change
    for what reason would he do this, what an evil person and how cruel of this person
    only if you do it nicely. They are rodents. Haven't you asked this before?
    I wouldn't have thought so. I just assumed that you'd need a licence as an exterminator or something. I reckon the advice to contact the RSPCA is a good one though.
    nope report them to rspca

    Tell me about gray grey squirrels about their litters/babies and nest?

    Tell me all you know on the gray squirrel I am in the midwest. It's a gray color not red. We have a nest on our backyard tree, they always come back to it each year, that or it's different squirrels I don't know much about them. Please don't tell me they're annucense, we only have these 2 in our backyard.

    They built their new nest about a week ago.

    There are 2 squirrels.

    Can you tell me about when they have their babies, how long the babies stay in the nest and more information.

    I saw the babies last year when they were pretty small.

    Thanks allTell me about gray grey squirrels about their litters/babies and nest?
    Gray Squirrels, Red Fox Squirrels %26amp; Black Squirrels are all the same! Just different color phases! They will %26amp; do interbreed. The small red squirrels in the midwest are different species than their larger cousins.

    The nest is just a woven mass of leaves %26amp; twigs and is only used 1 season.

    If you are in the Midwest the squirrels are probably breeding now- early April. The pups are born about 5 weeks after breeding.

    More than 1 litter a year is common.

    Mom raises the kids with no help from Dad.

    Pups should be out of the nest within 30 to 40 days. Watch %26amp; you'll see Mom teaching them what to forage for.

    If you want to feed these squirrels- peanuts, cob corn, popcorn, sunflower seeds are good choices. If your area doesn't have water available for them close by a pan of water (birdbath) is good.

    Squirrels do not hibernate, but only go into a semi-hibernation state. Even in the middle of winter they are out on nice days.

    They will store food for winter use! Acorns are a favorite. Pinecones also- they shred cones to get at the pine nuts inside.

    Their major predators are cats, hawks, %26amp; owls.Tell me about gray grey squirrels about their litters/babies and nest?
    Here is a good website that I visit with my youngest child from time to time:

    Any understanding for red squirrels dying out because of immigrant grey squirrels?鈥?/a>Any understanding for red squirrels dying out because of immigrant grey squirrels?
    Almost 12,000 grey squirrels have been killed in Northumberland in an effort to save the red squirrel.

    New figures reveal that two-thirds of the county's grey population, which spread a lethal pox virus, have been culled with government backing.

    UK native red squirrels are dying out because they cannot compete against the larger grey populations.

    The RSPCA said it ';questioned'; long-term culling and hoped the animals had been killed humanely.

    The Red Squirrel Protection Partnership (RSPP), funded by environment department Defra, carried out the cull and targeted grey populations from the Scottish Borders to the River Tyne.

    In just over a year, 11,615 have been culled using ';humane pest control';, according to the group's chairman, Liberal Democrat peer Lord Redesdale.

    There are two methods of culling - poisoning with warfarin or shooting the animals after being lured into traps with hazel nuts.

    Some people believe it is impossible to control the spread of grey squirrels, but we have proved it can be done, and reasonably cheaply

    Lord Redesdale

    Lord Redesdale said: ';Once we're tipped off about the greys, we move in and set traps which are instantly effective.

    ';We can clear an area in matter of days, using staff specially trained in humane methods.

    ';Some people believe it is impossible to control the spread of grey squirrels, but we have proved it can be done, and reasonably cheaply.';

    Greys were introduced from North America in the 19th Century and have led to a reduction in reds because of their higher breeding rates.

    There are estimated to be only 140,000 red squirrels left in Britain, with over 2.5m greys.

    According to the RSPP, red and grey squirrels cannot live alongside each other, because reds cannot compete for food against the larger and more powerful greys.

    Strip bark

    Since 1930, it has been illegal in the UK to release a grey squirrel after it has been trapped, and it must be humanely killed.

    The reds have a strong-hold in Kielder Forest, but the RSPP predicts they will be extinct in Northumberland within 10 years.

    Grey squirrels are also considered a threat to woodland because they strip bark from trees.

    A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said: ';We questions whether culling is a long-term solution to this problem.

    ';But if the scheme is in coalition with Defra we would hope and expect that animal welfare is a priority and everything is being done under licence and is within the law.';

    The RSPP, which received 拢148,000 funding, is alerted to grey colonies by landowners or members of the public.

    The RSPP now plans to move on into County Durham.Any understanding for red squirrels dying out because of immigrant grey squirrels?
    Grey squirrels are larger than red squirrels. they eat more and breed more prolifically. If they get into a 'red' area they force the reds out by eating all the food and taking over.
    I have heard about this and I think it is true.

    Red/brown squirrels are usually not as flexible in food choices as grey squirrels. I think they pretty much depend on pine nuts or nuts in general like hazelnuts or walnuts.

    Whereas I saw grey squirrels eat nuts of different variety and peanuts, berries, birdhouse seeds, dog food, flowers, mushrooms etc, (even a bag of potato chips in a zoo). They just have more food choices and therefore more chances and places to live.

    Also I have heard that grey squirrels are more aggressive and have more offspring than other ones.
    Total understanding, why wouldn't I? I am 62 years old and have watched what is happening to this country for a long time now.
    I don't know anything about it but from what I learned in biology, maybe grey is dominant over red so when the grey mate with the red, it results in grey offspring

    The main threats to the survival of the reds are the increasing number of grey squirrels, disease (squirrel poxvirus) and road traffic. Greys can feed more efficiently in broadleaved woodlands and can survive at densities of up to 8 per hectare. The density of reds is up to 1 per hectare in broadleaved woodland but can be as low as 0.1 per hectare in coniferous woodland.

    The main predators of red squirrels are birds of prey, such as goshawks and pine marten. In some urban areas, such as in Jersey, domestic cats are also a threat when squirrels go into gardens to feed.